Adderall Withdrawal

I am new to the world of dating someone with ADHD. I've been with my partner for 6 months, and unlike many of the stories here - I don't feel the hyperfocusing. We both seem to lead independent lives while being together, and maybe that's why. If anything, I wonder why he doesn't want to hyperfocus on me (like I've read in all the stories throughout this site).

However, right now the main issue I'm coping with the effects of his withdrawal from Adderall. The manufacturer is completely out of this drug, and he can't seem to find it anywhere. It's been a day or more since he ran out, and already he is depressed, fatigued and sluggish. I don't know how to be, act, or what to say during this time. He doesn't want to talk to me. He cuts conversations short, and he's not himself. I know it's temporary - but in the interim, how should I help (or not help)?

I think this is the first of many posts for me on this site.