ADDers here-Can you please explain the benefits of procrastination?

This is one of the worst conflicts we have. If you know you have to do something, what is the benefit of putting it off?

Example: We have large heavy rolling cans for trash. One for garbage and one for recycling. Today, both had to be out. Trash wasn't picked up last week and the recycling is only every 2 weeks, so it's important. We get home from Thanksgiving at my daughter's and I beg him to do it before he goes to bed, and he won't. He's "too tired." So he has to set the alarm to get up in the morning and do it. This costs us hours of sleep and the chance to lie and cuddle in bed in the morning like we usually do. Then when the alarm goes off, he doesn't get up. Now mind you, I can't do this particular task. I'm handicapped. So to save him 5 minutes last night, he had to lose several hours of sleep and endure me screaming at him for half an hour to get up. Then he went back to sleep (I can't go back to sleep after I wake up.) and I can't find my glasses (Can't see them when they aren't on) so I had to sit and wait for hours until he woke up again to find my glasses.

So my question is what benefit did he get by postponing a 5 minute task? Wouldn't it have been better just to do it and then we could have slept in the morning until we wanted to get up? What is there about the ADD brain that makes it seem better to procrastinate about something you know you have to do and do it at a less convenient time? Him not spending those 5 minutes wasted several hours of my time. What benefit was it to him?