Aderall...changes you noticed on it

DH finally went back to a dr. and got a script for Adderall (first try with a stimulant). He filled it right away and took the first one at work. I called him to see how it was going and he said a million times better. He had been having lots of anxiety from work about getting stuff done, which was probably due to not being able to focus on it. Yesterday (day 2), he was vague about the effectiveness. He said that he had to get a bunch of smaller tasks done, so he couldn't really tell if he was concentrating better. This morning (sat.) he is in true ADHD mode with 50 things going on. He didn't plan on taking one today b/c his brother's bachelor's party is tonight and he thought it wouldn't be good to take while drinking. But, I think he does plan on taking it on the weekend.

So far, I have not seen him while the Adderall has been in his system. Most of the time he will be at work, and the dr. asked me for my observations at the next appt. in 3 weeks. I told DH to write down changes he noticed while taking it, but I doubt that will happen. ANyway, if you or a spouse take this, what are some of the changes you noticed in yourself or your spouse? I am just wondering what to look for.