ADH9er is the best Daddy a child could ever be blessed to have

I shall take a day to step out of the 'Wife" box and tell you about a man with ADHD and what kind of Dad he is, what he did, and what he did not do

  • Sunday School teacher
  • Youth Group Leader
  • Cub Scout Leader
  • Built playhouses out of appliance boxes
  • Spent hours building mazes - -  out of appliances boxes and duct tape - - - that filled 1/2 of an elementary gymnasium, for PTA carnivals and VBS picnics.
  • Wore a Clifford the Big Red Dog costume for a book fair
  • Built a bunny hutch
  • Painted a teenage girl's pink bedroom light blue, and then a few years later, dark blue
  • Built sleds out of cardboard boxes
  • Attended Dad and Kids' Camp
  • Coached softball every summer from the time they were old enough to play, until they got out of high school
  • Did fun - - really fun - - -Children's sermons
  • Let his children work with him
  • Taught his children, by example,  excellence in work ethic
  • Never drank
  • Never degraded his children
  • Never insulted his children
  • Never hit his children
  • Never called his children names
  • Let his children try things
  • Climbed ladders to hide Easter baskets on tree branches
  • Made igloos in the snow
  • Dug holes, filled them with water, and let his children play in the mud.  
  • Spent a whole summer growing a flower garden to make bouquets and flower arrangements for his daughter's wedding.  Even though her marriage collapsed, the memories of the flowers remains.  
  • Is spending the day with his 27 year old son, continually trying to learn by doing, letting his son take the lead and make decisions, and doing things the way his son wants them done.  
  • This is just a sampling of 27 years of his gifts at being a Dad.

With love,