ADHD, aging and menopause

My wife has ADHD, PMDD and other disorders.  I don't need to reiterate the common problematic issues of relationships here since that's all over the forum.  However, she's heading towards perimenopause and I am... uh... scared.  She has her mood swings under control with medication at the moment and some emotional management tools, therapy.  We have rules to protect me also because she used to be emotionally abusive with me though, and still has impulsivity issues etc.  The other ADHD issues are things she is working on.

I can't find research on ADHD and it's relationship to aging and menopause.  Anybody have resources?  Or personal experience to share?  Tips?

Thanks! :)

I don't have experience with

I don't have experience with women with ADHD and aging.  However, I do think that aging (my husband is in his late 50s) and ADHD might pose a problem for men.  Add to the mix that my husband's mom has Alzheimer's disease, and I'm really worried!  Because things have been getting worse.

Sari Solden's Women With Attention Deficit Disorder

Mentions hormonal fluctuations that exacerbate ADHD symptoms.

it's not good....  I'm seeing my symptoms worsen at 42. Especially the 'extreme fatigue.' Thankfully the mood swings haven't started yet. *sigh*

Apparently, the only solutions are more of the same: counseling, support, education - with the addition of medical intervention.

Have you been up all night?

Have you been up all night?  I thought you were East coast....


What if it is a different reason,but still a physical cause?  Check out my post on ADHDMomof2 Health Update.   I would never have guessed in a million years whats the cause was.... It seems like your symptoms  are worsening like mine were... Just a thought...



Yes, I'm East Coast...

...just don't get to bed til midnight or later usually (which I would love to change).

I'll check out your post.

Resource about menopause

The Sari Solden recommendation below is an excellent one.  Also, I would advise you to not let your "dread" of a possible future event negatively color your current days.  Your anxiety might make your response to even a little change be exagerated, which might then set off an unnecessary response in her (symptom/response/response.)  It sounds as if you wife is doing many good things to manage her ADHD and if her symptoms worsen she will, with the help of her doctor, adjust accordingly.