ADHD almost killed our dog...

Our 14 year old dog has recently had stomach problems and the vet gave her several pills, including one that was to be given only once a day in the morning.  I gave her one on Wednesday morning.

There was a crisis with our daughter Wednesday night and I had to accompany her to the crisis intervention center at a local hospital.  I was there from 10pm to 2:30pm the next day.  Before I left, I emphasized to my wife that our dog was only supposed to get that pill in the mornings.  When I returned home, she told me that she gave her the pill at night because that his what she though I said to do.  This meant that she had 3 of these pills in a 36 hour period.

Friday morning, our dog was doing terribly.  She would not eat.  She had trouble standing up by herself.  She was wandering around and frequently falling down.  My wife even thought we should go to an emergency clinic to have her euthanized that night.  I said I did not want to do that while our daughter was hospitalized if we could avoid it.  I also would prefer that our regular vet be the one to euthanize her.  (He recently euthanized one of our cats.)  My wife was worried about what to do with her body if she died on her own.  I had difficulty sleeping and avoided getting out of bed because I feared our dog was either dead or would need to be euthanized that day.  To my surprise, she was doing much better--walking without falling, putting her paws in my lap, and eating.  She has further improved to be able to go up and down stairs and to go for walks in the park.  It would have been a tragic mistake to euthanize her given that she is now doing so much better.

Today, I looked up the side effects of the medication that my wife gave her too much of--dizzyness, nausea, lack of appetite, etc.  It all fit how she was behaving on Friday!  We could have killed her because of side effects from medicine!

I have no illusions that our dog is going to be around for a long time.  But i am horrified to think that we could have missed time with her because of a simple mistake.