ADHD and anger

Could anybody tell me more about it? Is it part of what ADHD is like? Or could it be something called by Ritalin?

My husband was diagnosed in 2005, tried Concerta and Adderal for 1 year, and quit. Then started on Ritalin in 2008 and has been on it ever since. His anger has really picked up since about 2009/2010. Before he was sarcastic and would storm out -- now he is furious, unreasonable and sometimes violent. 

I can't take it anymore. He seems to really truly believe that it is all my fault and will snap at everything I say or do. My life is to walk on eggshells so he won't get angry. If I do that, he is super nice, but if I am not perfect, he will be sarcastic at best, or really, really vicious. I am so very exhausted...

I began googling about anger, and ADHD was something that kept coming up. I never connected the two. Is it a common symptom? Could the Ritalin be making him worse?

We have been married 15 years and have 6 kids.