ADHD and bouts of depression

       I know that people with ADHD are prone to depression, but it's something I've never put "together" with my own husband's ADHD. But he DOES have depression, and sometimes absolutely nothing gets him out of it.   I've started logging just WHEN he gets his rounds of depression. They seem to hit him about every 6 to 8 weeks, and it lasts about a week to 10 days. QUESTION:   Is this a "usual" pattern for ADHD'ers? Do they have repetitive BOUTS of depression, or is there depression most of the time? He's on Concerta and I think he's also on an anti-depressant, but I don't think the anti-depressant is strong enough. The depression almost always has to do with money and/or him not feeling like he makes enough in salary. He's always been upset because he doesn't think his life has turned out "right". He has a PhD, (which is a great achievement) but, the jobs he's had are often bottom level jobs and/or way below what he is capable of doing. But, the jobs have been what HE chooses, with little to no allowable input from me. He also blames a lot of people in his life for not "helping him" get the right profession, or guiding him in the right direction, and/or choosing his profession FOR him.  I asked him why he felt that someone ELSE had to do that instead of him sorting these things out himself with the help of guidance counselors, etc. He said...."That's a good question".....and that was it.  But, I know it's a major source of depression for him.