ADHD and cannabis

Does anyone out there have any opinions or thoughts on using cannabis on an as needed basis for certain symptoms? I have found at times I am thinking crystal clear while medicated on cannabis, but also the opposite effect. I only medicate while at home and knowing that I will not be going anywhere for at least 1-2 hours. It is a very good anxiety reliever, but I am more interested in knowing what sort of help it has or has not had for ADHD symptoms. Thanks!


p.s. I apologize if this offends anyone or is in poor taste. I am a true believer in the power of the plant and have seen it work a MIRACLE on several people who deal with chronic pain and also anxiety. Thanks again :)

Anti drugs here

So I have no idea what to tell you.  I think there are FAR better ways of dealing with ADD and it's symptoms, but I do know that is a route that some people choose to go.  No skin off my nose as that is their choice, but I can't speak to how helpful it would or wouldn't be.

it does chill things out

My ADHD hubby was partaking before his diagnosis of ADHD because he had chronic pain.  He would do just a couple of hits every couple of days and it actually seemed to do more for his pain than Lyrica.  Since his diagnosis he has started doing it with more frequency to try to help with his high level of stress and anxiety.  I can't say it really helps him focus as much as it helps him not give a shit.  In either case it's beneficial for him and for me (since it gives me a break from some of the extreme drama he creates!)   Don't know where he gets it or how - don't know where he keeps it - don't want to know.  But if he thinks it helps, I'm certainly not going to police him on it!

It's a double edged sword

My boyfriend and I both have ADD.  His is severe, mine is pretty mild.  We both also used to partake.  We used it responsibly...typically at the end of a long day when we're ready to sit down and unwind, but absolutely no driving or going out.  For me, it's the equivalent to a glass of wine to relax.  I'd drink wine, but I don't like alcohol.  Anyway, back to the both hurts and helps our ADD.  For both of us, anxiety is a big problem.  I remember before I was diagnosed, I'd have small tasks piled up all around me.  None of them were difficult tasks.  None of them would have taken long to do.  But not being able to sit down and focus on any one long enough to get it done is stressful.  Soon you start to worry about how you'd even start them, or which one took priority, and before long the anxiety would become so crippling that you don't even want to think of these tasks.  It's frustrating because we are both very intelligent and capable people.  We both know we can do better than this.  We just can't force it to stop.  There may as well be a mile wide canyon between us and getting things done.  We can see the other side, and we know we should be able to get there, we just can't figure out how.  Here is where cannabis helps.  Sometimes you just need to reset...turn off the anxiety so that you can start over.  Step away from it all and take a break so that you can rest and be more ready for the fight tomorrow.  Cannabis absolutely shuts off the worry.  As runner said, it helps you not give a shit.  And sometimes that's exactly what you need.  But if you're not careful...if you use it at times when you need to get stuff done...that's when it becomes a problem.  Cause again, you don't give a shit.  If you think you can use it responsibly and be able to resist it when you have something you need to get done, then I would absolutely reccomend trying it.

I wonder if you think you're

I wonder if you think you're thinking more clearly.

I've dealt with some anxiety, and the stimulant meds are basically the opposite of good for that.

Strattera has some anti-anxiety properties. It's also not illegal. It also addresses other symptoms. Also its quality is regulated, and your doctor can talk to you in pretty precise terms about dosage. You can't smoke it...but, otherwise, that sounds pretty okay to me. Have you tried it?