ADHD and Disconnection from People

Hi everyone: This Saturday, my H and I will be visiting our ADHD coach to have a very serious and pivitol session regarding where to go in our marriage. I was hoping someone might be able to answer a question about ADHD and “connection”. My husband, was doing better for awhile and now, in the last year has become even more detached from our 6 yr old daughter and me. He spends almost every night either working on his RC cars, playing on his phone in bed or attached to a gaming controller in our basement playing video games. It’s so difficult to even get a 10 min conversation with him. If I do,it better be something that’s engaging or he’s lost almost immediately. He is on meds and we are working with a psychologist and ADHD coach who are wonderful. He stopped going to the ADHD coach about a year ago stating we didn’t really “need” to go anymore..things were fine. Last night, after going to Florida and being away from me for 4 days, I came home and he just looked at me and said “Hi”. That’s it. No hug, no nothing. He hugged our daughter a bit and told her he missed her but that was really the extent of it. He went into the LR and started playing on phone and was lost to us again. Is that part of the ADHD? That void, hollow, disconnected thing? I know he loves us both. It’s just a true struggle for him and it’s a struggle for me and my daughter to love someone who gives so little of himself to us and we are left feeling lost and alone. My daughter cries and says she thinks he doesn’t love her. It breaks my heart! Any insights would be great. Thanks to so many of you who always give me hope...Gina B