ADHD and Divorce

Seems that's the route i am being made to take.  My ADD husband wants out.... I am drowning in the pit of hurt, loneliness ...just sooooo freaking unreal.

How in the hell do i leave or even prepare myself to leave a marriage/man that I am in love with....ughhhhh





I'm sorry...

I wish there was something I could say to help from the ADD side of the fence.

My experience with the potential "End" was for quite a while I felt that my DW was trying to push me/disconnect and make me come to what seemed like her conclusion that "I" would eventually leave her and my kids. It was so painful... I could not even see what my life would look like because I cannot picture another life by myself. I eventually mustered the nerve to ask her what was wrong because she seemed so unhappy. I told her that I felt that she wanted to push me away. I explained that I did Not want this and felt we needed some help getting through some of this. Maybe one of the smartest things I've ever done.

There have been many times that I thought of running, but I could not get any further than that because I need my family. I hope things improve for you...