ADHD and drug use

He's by far one of the best things that's ever happened in my life. He's incredibly sweet and caring, and attentive. The thing is, he used to smoke marajuana, but quit because he went to jail. He shaped up for a while but i recently found out he's been doing it again with his friends. We're currently not talking and i feel so betrayed. I know he's impulsive, so i tried to talk it out with him but because of his ADHD he said that he was overwhelmed and couldn't deal with it at that point. I would love to help him get back on the right track. He's a great person and he could go so far. I know if i leave it won't open his eyes, he'll just sink deeper and deeper. I really love him, and i really want to make it work but the question is do i or do i just let go? posted by:

The more you enable him the

The more you enable him the deeper and deeper he will sink.  YOU can't get someone back on track.  HE must get himself back on track.  You mentioned he shaped up for a while after jail.  It looks like that is what it takes until he decides what sort of life he wants to live.  Read my posts - this could be you in 30 years.  I loved and understood and supported and tried everything I could (he was sweet and caring and attentive).  I could suggest being a friend but not tying your life to someone financially or intimately who is "not on track". Don't get caught up in his drama. It sounds like a sad ending.

So many great people....

All of these great, wonderful, kind, attentive, caring men......   If only it weren't for their pesky actions!!!!! If only they would adopt the message on the bumper stickers, "Lord help me to be the person my dog thinks I am....." 

What, in heaven's name, are some of you using to define what a wonderful person is????  These men certainly are not ACTING wonderfully! Open your eyes. Wonderful is as wonderful does -- Potential doesn't count for anything.

Been in jail for marijuana and doing it again. Sinking deeper and deeper. Not speaking to you now because you want to discuss his drug use. This man is not the greatest thing that ever happened to you! He is your worst nightmare coming true. Don't let yourself get caught up in a fantasy of helping him find his true self because it ain't gonna happen!


the drugs is to self medicate their ADHD,my husband does that at least 5 to 6 times a day if not more,ALL his money or at least most of it is for the drugs he so abuses.(marijuana) is a dangerous thing,once the high is gone or the relaxation,then there is withdrawals and that is the bad part,he would curse,want to pick fights and even want to break up.Blames me for things that I never did or things I told him,it's a struggle.


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cannabis and ADHD

My husband has told me that he would rather smoke cannabis than seek medication for his suspected ADHD.