ADHD and drug use

He's by far one of the best things that's ever happened in my life. He's incredibly sweet and caring, and attentive. The thing is, he used to smoke marajuana, but quit because he went to jail. He shaped up for a while but i recently found out he's been doing it again with his friends. We're currently not talking and i feel so betrayed. I know he's impulsive, so i tried to talk it out with him but because of his ADHD he said that he was overwhelmed and couldn't deal with it at that point. I would love to help him get back on the right track. He's a great person and he could go so far. I know if i leave it won't open his eyes, he'll just sink deeper and deeper. I really love him, and i really want to make it work but the question is do i or do i just let go? posted by: