ADHD and Long Distance Relationship

I am kind of desperate here and I need advice from someone that has lived something like this.

I've been with my fiancé for almost 3 years. Last year in may he had to move back to the states for a better job opportunity, he wasn't feeling well at his last job, so I encouraged him to take the job, I knew it was going to be a challenge for both of us, he doesn't like to talk too much and I am more the chatty kind.

Everything had been ok, in fact two weeks ago he was sending me lyncs of romantic songs for me and he even tattooed a verse of "our song" on his arm so I could know I am/ was "his dream".

Last week everything changed, he seemed to be avoiding me, he didn't answer my calls or texts. Friday morning he told me he was just stressed out. In the afternoon when I called him ( as we always do it's like our date) he started blaming me for his misery, he said it was my fault he was there and I was here. (Guatemala) that I had told him to leave, that maybe I wanted to start dating again, that I stress him out, that maybe I always think he is cheating ( although I have never told him that) , and it was so confusing, he didn't let me speak and then he said he was done with this and hung up on me. I don't know if his meds have been changed or if it's depression, but I haven't heard from him since then. It's been 5 days and I was weak, I called him and he didn't answer.

I am so confused. I can't believe he broke our engagement just like that. He just vanished and I don't know, is that a "normal" behavior for ADHDers? I don't know what to think, I mean if he is backing up about the marriage thing he should tell me the truth not disappear, and that makes me wonder how will he react if I get seriously sick in the future, will he just disappear???


any suggestion or advise you could give would be great...