ADHD and Money issues...

So, at this point my husband and I are doing well with his ADHD however, I have been beginning to notice a pattern.

My husbands mood and our overall happiness in our marriage directly correlates to if he's had a productive and financially rewarding week. My husband is essentially the stay-at-home parent and he also has a business that he runs from our home. I would say that he is profitable and does a great job but to be honest I do not know because he keeps all of his figures to himself. I couldn't tell you how much he makes or spends. I do know that our mortgage is paid and that is his bill to pay.

Anywhoooo...I guess my question is when money is tight does that cause your spouses ADHD to be worse?

It's as though my husband goes from a loving, willing and emotionally there partner when money isn't an issue and then morphs into a rage-o-holic, monster when things go wrong that cost him $.