Adhd and my relationship

Hi! Im a psychology student and there is a boy that i like for three monhts. He is studying psychology too in the same university. He told me he has got adhd when our first date. I didnt know the effects of adhd in relationships. We were fighting a lot and we were so tired of it. So i decided to not to talk anymore and we broke up. But two days later i learned the effects of adhd in relationships. I searched and read the books, forums etc. After i changed my point of view for him I wanted to talk and explain to him this situation. He accept it, we were talking about which day we are going to meet. But suddenly he send me a text that he does not want to meet and talk anymore. He said i have no feelings for anybody. I tried to talk to him but he rejected me. How can i chance his mind? If he listen to me maybe i can change his mind but i can not reach him.