ADHD and no meds

My husband was diagnosed about 2 years ago with ADHD. In the beginning, he read a lot of books on the subject and we talked a lot about it. He was prescribed Straterra, which has to slowly build up in your system. I felt like it was working and we had a lot fewer angry outbursts. BUT, it is really hard to tell when/if it worked b/c he often forgot to take it. Since it had to build up, it was almost like starting all over again each time he missed a few days. He said he felt like it was helping, but a few weeks ago told me he is going to stop taking it b/c he feels like it is causing him anxiety. Since then, I have noticed more of the addictive behavior (ie... he stayed up almost all night playing computer games, evidence of internet porn viewing, etc.) and he has started chewing tobacco again, which I feel is a form of self-medication.

He is starting his own accounting business, (he is a CPA, but left a firm after 5 years and was let go of another after a year and a half) so I worry about how he will handle everything without meds. He has no medical insurance, so he avoids the doctor. Plus, I have mentioned a few times about going back to try a stimulant med, but have not gotten much of a response and want to avoid being a nag. I am trying very, very hard not to treat him like another one of my kids, but when he gets things out of the van and leaves the back wide open, or burns an egg b/c he got up to work on his computer while it was cooking, it's hard not to. I work in the afternoons/evenings and am constantly worried if the kids are getting to bed on time so they have enough sleep for school. He seems to think bedtimes are optional. I also do not schedule anything the one day a week my son has to be picked up from school b/c I just don't trust that he will consistently remember to do it.

So, I realize that meds do not solve everything, but I would at least like him to try something different. How can I approach this without sounding like a naggy mom? Also, are there any ADHDers out there who are successfully functioning without meds?  Things are okay right now, but I am just always worried about when the other shoe will drop.

No Meds?

Two plus years after my ADD was discovered at age 43 I began taking generic Adderall. This works very well for me and I've almost never missed a dose. I know what it is like to feel better and don't ever want to go back to that crappy ADD Fog. Generic Adderall is pretty cheap and might be worth looking into.




Thank you!

I am going to gently suggest a doctor visit and trying a stimulant (and something much cheaper than the Straterra!) Question- how often do you have to see a doctor if you are on a stimulant (to check on dosage, etc.)


You are welcome

At first a 30 day check-in, then probably a 3 month checkup, then a checkup every 6 months. It may vary...



With stimulants, you must get a new prescription every 30 days. They can not be called in, the scripts can't be mailed and they can't be renewed. That is federal law. My husband's doctor says he has to see him every 3 months. When he lost his job and his insurance, and couldn't pay the $150 for the office visit, no more prescriptions.

30 days for each RX

Yep... Absolutely. I was referring to full re-evaluations of  symptoms. I have to go to the office to pickup the RX each month, but a much lower cost than the full checkup.


The VA regularly mails

my husband's generic Adderall to us.  It just has to be signed for when we get it.

Yes, insurance companies can mail the drugs

The prescriptions can't be mailed. I was surprised that insurance companies can mail the drugs themselves. I don't know why it's safer to mail the actual pills than the prescription that gives you the right to buy it.

When my husband had insurance, they were trying to get my husband to get it by mail order with a 90-day supply. But they kept changing his drugs so we didn't want to do that. The insurance company was pretty ugly about it. Lots of mail about it.

Ahhh I see...they can mail

Ahhh I see...they can mail the pills themselves and not the paper prescription.  Yeah that makes a load of sense--beauracracy at it's finest


You hit the nail on the head!