ADHD and the partner that bores them

I met this women almost a year ago.  I seemed relieved finally could put up with my ADHD and non ADHD idiosyncrasies.  I was the typical ADHD attention seeker for the first couple of months.  The downside is that she was pretty clueless about some of the day to day events and had problems with interpreting what people were interacting with her.  Even her daughter took advantage of her.  I became her advisor of sorts, me and my impulsive behavior and disorganization.  I would analyze the interactions with her daughter and she followed them and their relationship seems to have improved.  Other events like helping her to quit smoking I helped her in the process.  Don't get me wrong i wasn't perfect.  I felt pity for her that she was oblivious to the things going on around her and continues analyze things and life events with a faulty logic.  She doesn't acknowledge me verbally a lot of times when I speak with even a simple ok I hear you.  I get plenty of affection and all of that.  I feel like we are on different pages or even different books.  I suppose I could attribute our differences by me growing up as a child of an alcoholic mother and divorced and remarrying parents living in the city whereas she grew up in a small town with sort of distant parents.  Overall in conversation I have a lot more to say where she doesn't talk near as much.  She is working on her PhD in Nursing.  I have 2 Bachelors degrees along with some grad experience.  I don't know what to do after so many failed relationships someone that respects my intelligence and my ideas and my problematic behavior like loing my license for excessive driving violations including driving 100 in a 55 mph zone. She doesn't say or do anything remotely interesting to me.