ADHD and Post Pardum Depression

I'm just wondering if there is any information out there about ADHD and post pardum depression ("PPD")?  It would be very helpful as I haven't been able to find anything.  In my experience ADHD and PPD seem to aggravate each other and I was therefore wondering if there is any information which could help me. 

I have ADHD which was diagnosed while I was in my senior year of college over 5 years ago.  I had managed to more or less live with my ADHD and cope with daily life.    However, I was seriously hit by PPD which started after the birth (emergency cesarian) of my son 2 years ago. This is combined with other serious health problems which started during my first pregnancy.

Although the PPD started to get better after a while, I never fully came out of it due to the surprise pregnancy of our second child.  We found out that I was pregnant just shortly after my husband and I moved to Europe when our first child was only 8 months old.  The PPD was difficult for me to deal with and became even more intense with the birth of our second child. 

The past 9 months since our second child was born have been an extremely difficult emotional roller coaster.  The ADHD and PPD seemed to aggravate each other and have made it very difficult for me to cope with even the most basic tasks of life.   Where I (prior to my pregnancies) had a bit of a temper which could flare up and instantly burn out again, I have been reduced to a seemingly perpetual state of frustration and depression where I have a difficult time doing anything without getting frustrated to great extremes and generically not being able to cope with life.  

It has been hard to want to seek out any help here as I do not speak the language and have had a really hard time learning it with my ADHD, health problems, PPD, kids and the list goes on with all of daily life.

Quite honestly I'm not sure how I've survived this long to reach a point where I want to talk about it.  In moments where I am able to not be as influenced by the PPD hormonal mood swings I have wondered whether the ADHD and PPD influence each other. I think they are connected and aggravate each other but in my recent search I haven't found anything about it. So now I am here and asking.  Any help would be VERY much appreciated by both me and my family!

Thanks in advance.