ADHD and Post Partum/hormones?

My wifes ADHD symptoms seem to have DRAMATICALLY increased just after the birth of our child (he is now 11).  Post partum depression was why we sought a counselor and she was diagnosed...she obviously had had it all along, but since then it seems to have gotten worse. Is that logical? Of course,it COULD just be that the daily rigors of caring for a child, im sure that has something to do with it, but Im wondering if it might be more than that...perhaps related to hormonal changes.  any clinical relationship between the two? 

I think so...

I am 33 and was diagnosed last fall. My ADHD has been with me my whole life and very very difficult for me... but the symptoms didn't completely threaten to sink me until after my son was born (2009).

I am not sure if this is related to the postpartum hormones or the increased responsibilities and demands on my time.

I am currently pregnant and unmedicated and feel like I am going CRAZY some days.

My psychiatrist and I have discussed this and he says that there is definitely a spike in ADHD symptoms related to ovulation and/or PMS for many ADHD women and that many notice that during big changes in estrogen and testosterone (like when pregnant or after having a baby), things are particularly hard...

I don't have nay links for you- but I think it's true and it's what my doctor seems to tell me.

Good luck. Hope your wife can get some help.


thank you

one of the best things about this site is the "im not alone" feeling. glad to know that there is at least some logic to what seems to have happened.... we are working on it.  thanks again