Does anyone have any experience with a spouse that suffers from both ADHD and post traumatic stress?  Our relationship was functioning as well as an ADHD affected marriage could prior to an incident 5 years ago.  I had an unexpected health threat, but thankfully recovered quickly.  Since then, my husband's ADHD has exponentially gotten worse.  He suffers from periodic outbursts of anger, sometimes kicking and screaming in a temper tantrum.  The moods have gotten much more volatile.  He's withdrawn from friends.  From what I've researched, all classic symptoms of PTSD.  We've talked about the incident, and he claims that he has forgotten it.  However, his behavior got worse approximate one month after my collapse and he now has these outbursts on a regular basis.  The slightest disruption throws him over the edge.  Perhaps he had these symptoms before as part of his ADHD, but now he is incapable of controlling them.  Any thoughts?