ADHD and sex

I am wondering how many other spouses of ADHD partners experience problems in sex stemming from ADHD. It has been a revelation to me that my problems with my husband are connected to this. It seems he is either hyper focusing, or his attention wanders from me. He seems to get very consumed with his own sensations, and the connection to me drops. This is similar to what happens often in daily life. He is unaware that the connection has dropped in all cases. During sex this is particularly weird for me. I felt he was being unloving and selfish. I would get angry and feel that he could continue on having sex with me even if I was asleep. But now I think it is the ADHD. He just gets lost in himself and his sensations. Also there is a problem with him connecting to and reading emotional cues. Maybe this is also why he initiates sex really at the worst possible moments and continues even though I am not giving him the feedback cues that I also am interested. So I have to outright say no. Then he feels rejected. Anyone else have these kinds of experiences? Any insights? I wonder if I can get him to hyperfocus on me during sex so he doesn't lose his attention to me. It would require him really putting aside his own experience to a degree.