ADHD and Sex addiction

I am the spouse of a newly diagnosed ADHD.  I need to hear from men with ADHD.  My husband of 3 years is a sex addict.  I would say he is a mild one.  He has his whole life dealt with stress by fantasizing, etc about other women. I don't need to go into detail.  Here is my question.  He just got on meds a month ago along with an anti depressant and what a difference!  BUT, he is sooooo distracted by other women constantly.  Don't get me wrong, I am a prude, but this can be pretty hurtful sometimes.  I have a very high drive myself.  My question is I am new to this and I know they have major impulse problems, but can this ever be really somewhat controlled with an ADHD?  I just need to know what to expect with this and how I can make myself feel better. I also really don't feel he has cheated but I want to just keep us balanced and my expectations normal with this.  ANY SUGGESTIONS?