adhd and sex/relasonships

So as a 23 year old male with ADHD i read some of these posts and notice that it seems some ADHD men have a low sex drive. Here is a question i have i have a very very high sex drive. i know im a 23 year old male but. My sex drive is defenitally above average to the point of annoyence. And my poor wife thinks its unbeliveable and is not sure what to do about it. i was diagnosed with ADHD when i was 8 i was on ridlin for years and in my teen years 18 i tried straterra. i stoped and for the past few years have told my self i have growen out of ADHD. But that is not the case in fact in the past 2-3 weeks my ADHD has been more prevelent in my daily life then it has been sience i can remember. maybe due to very recent and very big changes in my life. Is ADHD a reason behind my outragesouly high sex drive?? And whats everyones stance on Nuerofeedback for ADHD?