ADHD and Tocophobia

Anyone else have both ADHD and a fear of pregnancy/childbirth/children?  

Not quite, but...

My male ADHD partner has intense fear of getting a woman pregnant and having to become a parent.  First of all, he does not like children in general and never has.  But I think his fear stems more from the limitations he perceives would be placed on him were he to beome a parent.  He is very big on personal freedom and being able to do whatever he wants to and therefore has a natural disinclination towards taking on responsibilty of any kind.  It stands to follow that were he to become a parent there would be certain restrictions and responsibilties that would make him insufferably unhappy.  Because of this, I have an extreme fear of becoming pregnant with his child for fear of how he would handle it or if he would even try to at all.  I also fear having his child because I wouldn't want our child to develop ADHD as well which is proving more and more to have a genetic component (just reading through the posts on this site there is a very high incidence of spouses having both ADHD partners and ADHD children.