ADHD by association?

Hi!  I am a newcomer to this forum and site (and very thankful that I found it via the book!).  I am a non-ADHD spouse, with a husband and two kids who have ADHD.  The kids (one boy, one girl) were diagnosed about 5 years ago, and are doing very well on meds (Concerta) and lots of support and modifications at school.  My husband has never been formally diagnosed, although we both realize that he has ADHD based on his symptoms and the symptoms we see in our kids.  He recognizes himself as a "classic case."  He recently started taking meds as we are in the middle of the downward spiral talked about in the book, and I am feeling completely overwhelmed (Melissa's story could be mine, word for word).  He is not convinced that the meds will work, despite the success we've observed in both our kids (I also recognize that they may not work for him, even though they worked for the kids).  In any case, on to the topic of my post...are there any non-ADHD spouses out there who sometimes feel like they have ADHD by association?  I am normally a very organized person, but I find many days lately where I forget the simplest of tasks on my to-do list, and it's really out of the ordinary for me.  Back to the book...I'm highlighting so my husband and I can have 'story time' each night, and he doesn't have to sit through the parts that aren't relevant to us. :)