NERVOUS! ADHD diagnosis....

May I please ask, how is ADHD diagnosed? My husband and I have an appointment coming up soon, to get his ADHD evaluated (upon my request). My biggest worry is to say all the negative things regarding my husband (to the Psychologist) in my husband's presence. I feel like I will be putting him down.

I have read the book "The ADHD effect on Marriage" twice already. It seems to me, what ever is in the book is exactly our life! My Dr who referred us on to the Psychologist does not not think my husband has ADHD ( on the basis that my husband has an engineering degree). Is this true? I am really nervous about our appointment, especially if it doesn't turn out to be ADHD. I am not sure what else can explain everything I feel.



ADHD test

Unfortunately, I'm not sure there is a definitive test. With children, the schools have a form that has symptoms you can check off. But I'm not aware of any test for adults that a therapist will automatically give. If you find a therapist who agrees with you, it will make it much easier to get the doctor onboard, especially for meds.

My ex just told his doctor that he had ADHD since he was a child, based on his own observations and those of a relative. He got the meds. For my son, I just checked off the traits on the form that I saw in him, and the doctor said, "Lets try ritalin, and if it works we know he has ADHD." (Not the best way to diagnose, I don't think)

If you are hesitant to say anything, you are going to be at a disadvantage for sure because your husband may not see a lot of his ADHD behavior. Obviously, to him most of it is going to seem "normal". If I were you, I would find some good checklists or tests for ADHD traits online, print one or two of them out, and check off the things you see. Maybe also make some notes on the back giving examples. Take that from your purse and give it directly to the therapist. However, he will probably read it outloud and ask if your hubby agrees or disagrees.

Many people with ADHD are very successful, especially if they find something they enjoy (or used to enjoy). Mine was a PhD, and he says he got thru school using his anger at all the people who said he would never amount to anything.

I'm afraid I don't have any

I'm afraid I don't have any experience as my ADHD dh's first appointment with the neurologist has been postponed twice since early December! I feel a bit gutted by the whole situation because I've been counting the days until the appointment only to find dr canceled the first one, and now dh has cancelled the latest one. The next available appt won't be for another 2 months :(

I assume that the first consultation will only involve my dh and the neurologist. At least that's what my dh would prefer, to see the dr in private. Does anyone know at what point the spouse is involved, if at all, like after the consultation? Is there a questionnaire to go over?  I have a set of notes I've been writing down for the past year and these are the things i want to further describe the ADHD my dh may or may not be aware of... I certainly know I'm not talking to a therapist or counselor, but I want to point out the inability of ADHD to regulate or modulate sounds or touch including feelings.