HI ..

im new in a long term relationship..and i many issues which i think are related to adhd.  he gets a second wind as it gets later..and seems to have trouble sleeping..talks impatient when has to wait  for anything....and when he is always yelling or honking at anyone who gets in our way.  i find it very embarassing..he says whatever to whoever also..i on the other hand am more reserved and dont like any kind of public scenes...and will avoid any confrontations ..whilst he has no problem with any of this.   the hyperactivity..the insomnia..the impatience..the easily frustrated...are they typical of ADHD?

i can see this is not easy to be on the other end of. it is exhausting.also..he needs alot of attention..and im already have a very demanding schedule. he seems oblivious to others needs or feeling sick or tired..and is more self centered....and its about him and what he wants when he wants it.

just wondering if anyone else here has dealt with any of these issues?!

im so tired..and he is still going... (but doing nothing much in getting things cleaned or accomplished...he watches lots of tv though! lol )and oh did i mention.he always has the tv on loud!

anyone relate?