ADHD Drugs making my wife worse. What do I do?

Before the meds, my wife was a walking contradiction. She never wants to be bothered about punctuality, but is always late. That's just one example of hundreds of contradictions. It's nearly impossible to survive being with her because there is no 'win'. You can't help her manage her ADD but she lashes out when it damages her life or if you try to help.

She finally got an official diagnosis and has tried both Adderal and something that starts with C. Sorry, I can't remember the name. 

Anyway, she is SOOOO irritable. She speaks to me in such condescending ways now and with such anger that the last few remnants of love are being destroyed. If I say anything, she does blow up. The meds are making her so sensitive that ANY tone shift on my part sets her off. She insists I am yelling at her when I am not even matching her tone. 

I'm really about to divorce just for peace. Has anyone else figured out how to quell the crabbies on these meds?