ADHD groundhog

It started off as a "little blemish" in her behavior and habits before we were married.  Now it's turned into the "devilish groundhog from Hades" and it's only been four years.  Thirty minutes late here, losing car keys there, now I'm concerned if she will lose one of our two children who are under 3.  Sure she's been tested and has built up enough coping strategies to not be officially diagnosed, but that was before children.  That little groundhog has been popping up randomly, biting at my heels, snickering at me, and then darting back into its hole.  I get to where I can relax for a bit, and as soon as I "close my eyes" that little piece of feces is sinking it's teeth in once again!  I'm starting to get to the place where it's harder and harder to relax knowing he's out there, waiting for me to fall asleep, to slice me up in my dreams.  ;). I'm glad that this forum is here.  Thanks for listening, you all.

Ha ha ha, I thought you were

Ha ha ha, I thought you were going to refer to what I think of as the ADHD "Groundhog Day" phenomenon (the movie, not the day itself).  Various important issues come up over and over and over; it's as if my husband wakes up every day not remembering things like the fact that we've discussed these issues repeatedly. 

Important issues seem subject to them

Hey Rosered, yeah, I get what you mean.  It's like they don't understand that the world that we live in is based on structure, order, and discipline.  Sure, there are opportunities for creativity and innovation, but not without doing the "boring" and "lackluster" things to fundamentally keep the foundation of our society "well-oiled" and "greased."  Without these basic and important issues that need to be addressed and faithfully attended to, there will be no source out of which the creativity can blossom.

Yes, it is frustrating when you repeatedly have to revisit these issues and you can even notice the signs that they are getting ready to forget something that you have recently discussed.  It's like watching the steps leading up to an accident and not being able to prevent it or warn anyone.  You just have to gather up your cleaning tools and get into position.

Thanks for that laugh, I

Thanks for that laugh, I think we all needed that one!

Good to know some of us can still retain our sense of humor. That is what helps us get through the days. I believe that without it, it isn't easy.

I'm learning not to worry too much about the groundhog's every needs or lost items. You are aware of the groundhog more than the groundhog is aware of you.

Got to stick together

It's such a release and comfort knowing that we aren't alone as we suffer through it.  Laughing in the face of it all helps, too.  If I fail to connect with others that's when I become a "bitter, critical, and angry old man.". I don't want to spend 30 years or more turning into "Ebenezer Scrooge."