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Light-hearted humor postings by the people with the ADHD.


I ALWAYS Hated Social Party Games. I Still don't like them ;) Can't people just hang out, have a drink and relax? Why would I want to have the spotlight pointed at me? Fly under the Radar :)

You know you have ADD when...

you're astounded that people can have jobs where they do the same thing all day long and again the next day.

Funny thing about ADD and marriage

A few years back my husband and I were on Bourbon Street in New Orleans walking towards Pat O'Briens. We saw one of those historic buildings where, wait, hold on. "Ow, I just got a cramp in my foot right down by my. OMG was that a mosquito? Isn't it early for mosquitos this time of year? Speaking of early, Honey can you wake me up in the morning when you get because I have to. Oh crud, I forgot to call the doctor today! Damn, I was going to. Wait. What was I going to do?"

LOL We love the word

LOL We love the word "squirrel" around here...and I use Netflix for that exact reason (and I don't have ADHD). Cute! 


Squirrel! That is funny! In my IT group we do this ALL the time. I am not a minority in my office, just one of the few diagnosed ;)


You know you have ADD when you know you will lose your phone and/or your keys at least once a day. As far as balancing a checkbook ... I'd rather try to balance a bowling ball on my head.  :-}

Out of sequence = Bad

My morning was Not Normal today. Wife left early, one DD staying home, one DD going to school, raining bad, needed to check on the neighbor's dog on the way to school, then work = Forgot my Laptop.

This device is typically needed by my IT position. I was a mile from my exit, realized it was not with me, turn around and do it over again.

Commute X2 ;)


So funny!

OMG. The funniest thing occurred to me about half an hour ago ... that all people with ADD do and would get a laugh from ... but I have no clue what it was. I'll holler back if I remember. :-)

That was the truth too. Not

That was the truth too. Not meant to be a joke. haha! I was washing dishes and laughing my head off over some thought that I figured others would enjoy and I'd post it as soon as I finished what I was doing. Then I started thinking about the many things we all do that are similar that would make us laugh. Then I thought about people with ADD all laughing together. Then the dog started licking the dishwasher and I shooed him away and closed the dishwasher and sat down at the computer and thought, "why the hell am I sitting here?". haha.

THAT is funny!

Ever go to the kitchen, open the pantry, then wonder... What am I looking for???

1 million times for me ;)


ALL the time... I always say "Lost the thought... If it's important, it will come back to me" ;)

I get up, go into another

I get up, go into another room...and completely forget what I went into that room for all.the.time! Always remembering as soon as I get back to the other room. :-P

As long as...

you don't say anything about it, Nobody has to know :-p

I've been off my meds for

I've been off my meds for about 11 days because of a flutter in my heart. I finally went to the doctor today. After an hour, split between the waiting room and the cold, quiet exam room, a young woman comes in and says she is a student nurse practitioner there to see me first and then the doctor will be in. I tell her why I'm there and she begins to school me about ADD ... or so she thinks.

Remember the squirrel in the most recent animated movie about Little Red Riding Hood where her grandmother was a spy ... I was that squirrel today and told that STUDENT NP more than she ever wanted to know about ADD. I wasn't trying to confuse her but she was just a little too "I know more than you" when she started talking. She looked a little worn out at the end. Not sure why but sometimes that makes me feel happy ... to do to someone else (who THINKS they know what ADD really is) what ADD does to my brain. OVERWHELM!!


My husband and I have been

My husband and I have been getting along quite well lately. Counseling is working! So, here's the funny part. Over coffee yesterday morning my ADHD husband confides that the night before he was mulling over the idea of asking me to have another baby with him. His face was just so loving and happy, it was so hard to have to burst his bubble, but I had to remind him...he had a vasectomy 8 years ago, and I had surgery   Last year that made pregnancy impossible. He looked at me and says "oh yeah, I forgot about that". We laughed until we cried. Now THAT'S ADHD!


OMGOODNESS that is HILARIOUS!!  He forgot that you BOTH had surgery to make a pregnancy impossible.  And some ppl think ADHD isn't real.....*wiping the tears from my eyes because I am laughing so hard!*

Too damn funny !  I just read

Too damn funny !  I just read through all these old funny posts. Thank You. I'm feeling down, my H had FINALLY taken his meds for a week straight, wow, and today he we go again.... these were perfect. Post some more you guys. My boys or H do all of these....even the vasectomy one, LOL ! Hello did you forget ???

One time I made two fish. One

One time I made two fish. One spicy. One regular. Next day I went to eat my spicy leftovers. It wasn't there. But his non-spicy was. I went outside and asked if he actually ate it and he said "Yes and I have had horrible heartburn all afternoon." I went back in. When I went to heat up his fish and eat it I found he had forgot mine in the microwave. He never had eaten it. But he suffered the effects! Typical situation here!

Easter Bunny, bawk bawk.

I wish I could post a picture from my computer. Maybe I can but I don't know how. A tremendous for me and my friends at Easter down south in Louisiana.

A GIANT expensive bunny with a head that was melted flat as a pancake inside the box. It seems the Easter Bunny went shopping for other items forgetting that the star of the basket was lying in the trunk. Got home and realized that I had to go buy another dumb chocolate $7 bunny. Having ADD can be vewy, vewy expensive! :)