ADHD husband and divorce

As a follow-up to what I posted last year about my husband's ADHD... He has since been diagnosed with a few other things, so basically, he has ADHD, MDD, Anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and most recently, Intermittent Explosive Disorder, and Alcoholism. He is going through extensive therapy and is on meds, but our marriage is over. It all came to a head on Christmas night when he drank too much and turned into a monster. He was literally out of his mind and crazed/combative, yelling at me and my sister and brother-in-law in the middle of the night UNPROVOKED. He beat me down verbally for over an hour and a half. There's no calming him down or talking to him when he gets like that - he just doesn't stop until he finally falls asleep. He has been on adderall (ADHD) and 2 anti-depressants (trazadone, primarily for sleep) and another one during the day which I forget the name of right now. Thankfully, he did not take his Trazadone as I am certain it could have killed him along with the alcohol. He was babbling and crazed due to the alcohol and the effects of the other meds.

Anyway, that night was the final straw for me and my family as this was not the first time he has exhibited strange and combative behavior, although in the past it was never this severe. And for the past 3 years he has sabotaged holidays, birthdays, our anniversary celebrations... you name it, with his behavior. The good news is he hasn't had a drop to drink since that evening, so he says. I really want to believe him when he says that, but I have a hard time doing so as he has lied to me for years about his alcohol consumption.

He is doing better I suppose, but it's too late. 20 years of marriage gone... It's a shame it took my leaving for him to get proper treatment for his issues. I hope he learns something through all of this, in that no matter the illness or disorder, you just CANNOT treat your spouse like this and expect to be forgiven and everything gets brushed under the rug. For me it's impossible and I don't see him in the same way anymore - I have been his parent and babysitter/doormat for too long. Mental illness, disorder or not, one should at least accountable for their actions at least somewhat. I hope he succeeds with all of this, but as for me, I am moving on. I need to focus on treating my blood cancer, and getting my life back in order.