ADHD Husband and his Co-Dependent Parents

Does anybody else have this problem? My husband (of almost 20 years) and I separated for all the ADHD reasons you see on this Forum. He hasn't had a steady job in years, he's says nobody's hiring, he's renting a place that his parents are paying for, and works at his parents' house on construction projects to earn what little money he has. We have two children. I work full time, but it isn't enough money. Recently I decided to look into a part time job nights and weekends since we've been falling behind on bills for about a year. (Also, he has given me only $200.00 in the last 6 months to cover things like his phone bill, his car insurance, credit card payments, mortgage, taxes, kids' medication, health insurance, etc...). Anyway, I applied to a few local retail businesses. I was offered two jobs, and accepted one of them. My friends and family all wonder how I can possibly do this when I have such little free time as it is, and the first thing they ask me is why my husband doesn't get a job to help out. I can't really answer that, but I tell them that I have no choice, and that I don't want to lose my house. We just lost our health insurance this week. When I went to see his parents I told them I got hired for a part time job and they both started clapping like it was really good news. I was horrified, and since then I have looked back over the years at how enabling they have been with their son, my 40+ year old husband, giving him money, "hiring" him, not allowing him to be responsible and support his children.  I mean, I know they were all intertwined, but just now realize how their helping has actually been very detrimental to him. Today I went to the courthouse and filed the divorce papers that have been sitting on my desk for a month. His attitudes of not being responsible are so deeply ingrained, I can't possibly expect any change, nor do I want it at this point. Non-ADHD-Spouses...don't waste another minute of your life! If you really don't see things ever getting better, I mean really, get out of it and enjoy the rest of life. We deserve it. And oh, did I mention, my husband is an attorney?