ADHD Husband and in-laws

This is my first time posting literally on any forum. As you can assume, I am completely overwhelmed and I just need some perspective, experiences, someone to tell me they understand. My husband recently started Adderall 15 mg. This is after years of me urging him to get an evaluation. He did and it is a relief. It's been 1.5 months and he says he doesn't feel any difference. I do, slightly. He's less scattered and he doesn't completely ignore me when I express how I feel. There's improvement. I'm just so worried that it's too late or we will uncover even more problems when we start counseling. It's all so exhausting. For both of us.  

I recently started Journaling again because I feel like I'm going to explode/implode on a daily basis. It has been helpful in sorting out my feelings. Today, while journaling I think I realized that my husband is reliant/enmeshed with his mother. She doubts he has ADHD and I think he clings to that. He tells me he believes he has ADHD, I just worry that she is such an influence on him. Anyway, he always seems to put his mother first. If he's been at work all day, then driving around or doing errands all evening, he will come home to call her as his first priority. This isnt a daily thing, but it always happens when there's downtime or when we are hanging out as a family.  I ask as him to sit and hang out with me, but of course he literally cannot understand why he'd do that. She's been his "go-to" person his whole life. I think she enabled him to be so dependent on her. She's very involved with our lives and I don't like it. Has anyone else dealt with this with their ADHD-spouse? Sorry if this is scattered.