ADHD Husband has a pattern of quitting jobs

Recently - within the last year - my husband was diagnosed with ADHD. For some background, We have been together for 5+ years and we moved where we are at the beginning of 2020 so he could pursue an acting career with my full support. He has been in several background roles but otherwise had not been working. When we first came here he got a full time job that he quit after like 3 months or so due to terrible management issues within the company and having not enough time to pursue acting the way he wanted. In the past he has quit all of his jobs for a similar reason/him hating the career. It has apparently been a pattern his entire life according to my MIL. Since he quit his full-time job, he has not had a job (gets military disability) but has been taking acting classes, which end next month. He has stopped going to therapy for monetary reasons - he cant afford it and I cant afford us both in therapy. I have held a full time position basically since we got here (I live with BPD, anxiety, depression, and am pursuing a potential autism diagnosis) and have been holding us up on a salary that is not enough.

Now, he has had a part time position for the last couple months but is now saying he wants to quit everything, acting included. He says he wants to quit because he is more depressed, anxious, and angry than he has ever been.

I am at my wits end with this pattern, his lack of drive, and the constant instability it causes. I can't plan for anything - we live in a basement apartment of one of his friends and have a whole 2 windows.

I am not insensitive to his feelings - I am at a loss for how to bring up how his pattern of quitting is affecting me and preventing a stable household.

Open to any and all tips or criticism.