ADHD husband wont work how can I help and motivate him? please help!

I love my husband we have been married 3 years.He has admitted to this problem but we don't know how to fix it!Any advice or help please please tell me!His work schedule is flexible so he gets commission and can go when he wants. He doesn't want another job because it pays significantly better then any other.He is REALLY great at what he does when he does it. The problem is when it comes time to work he wont do it, he thinks up every excuse in the book to push it to later in the day and then it's too late and tomorrow is the magical day,me ignoring it doesn't help and the more I nag the more un motivated he gets and sometimes angry with me.  He will take naps or just sit and stare at the TV or online,he gets in this zone where no matter what I do or anyone does or says he just can't do it. We've tried incentives and all kinds of things! He will be incredibly motivated and confident until it's time to perform then he zones out,even if it means loosing his job. He is not a dirty person,I know this isn't him he wants to be successful and respected not lazy, I know he is better then this! What can I do or say to help motivate him him? I'm scared to have children because I want to be able to provide for them but we creep more and more in debt and that doesn't motivate him either.I'm also worried about how he'll handle other future jobs.He has been diagnosed with ADHD a year ago, taking his meds does help sometimes but it seems like we always end up back here and I don't know what to do or say. Schedules help alot but there are still many days where he will think of another random excuse why he couldn't follow it that day. He's really the sweetest,nicest guy,great people person,everybody loves him and is impressed by him and he is great at what he does and incredibly smart but I don't know what to do. Please help he has so much potential and I hate to see him struggle!  Does anyone else struggle with this?