ADHD husband would not accept breakup!!

My DH would not accept the fact that we need to go our separate ways and try and figure out our direction in life.My husband has a "bitter sweetness"in him.The sweetness in him is very sweet and the bitterness in him is very BITTER.

He of course loves me a lot from what I have seen for the period of time we have been together and married,I love him also,in spite of ALL the nonsense that have been occurring every 3 to 4 days(FIGHTS AND ARGUMENTS)over "nothing",but,there is that underlying problem he has with this un medicated ADHD that he is not going and taking responsibility in taking care of IT.

I don't know what to do??? I told him that he has to do this to save our relationship and if he really loves me he would do this ,not only for "us"but for "him".

He would agree and then change his mind!!

how do I get him to go without nagging him?? I would love for him to get better and take meds but he is not doing ANYTHING about it and it has been 3 months now since we found out he has ADHD.

Gosh!!! if only he would take meds and work on that blinking anger we would be soo much better!!!