ADHD? I've never had someone think so little of me, yet says he loves me sooo much

I'm tired. My husband joked a few years back that he might have ADHD. Reading these posts, Has me thinking it might be true. He always has to be the 'victim'. Me asking him to do something, oh let's say, like watch how much he drinks so he won't fall, just turns into an argument. He's full of excuses! He always turns the argument around to make me the focus. He adds multiple topics and we never get anything resolved. He's said multiple times to me 'I thought I told you'. His latest...he said I said to him on Satuday, 2 different times that 'I don't give a F about him'. I asked him if he really believed that, then why would he stay with me??? I asked him why am I still here, if that's how I really feel??? After the argument, I left him and home and went to the club. He showed up at the club. We talked outside. He asked me if I was done with him. I told him no, that I'm done with arguing with him and that I still love him. So, how could he hear what he heard??? lol! I explained if I really said that, I wouldn't have gone home that night and I still wouldn't be here. I told him that it hurts my feelings that he thinks so little of me. That people who don't know me as well, think more highly of me than him. We've been married for 7 years and they have all been like this. I used to yell at him, then I realized I needed to keep calm. Now I comprehend a lot of things about him that I couldn't grasp before. I only yell at him when he keeps bringing up the same thing or multiple subjects or keeps talking to me when I've asked him nicely to stop talking to me. I keep saying we need counseling, but reading these posts have me thinking that those sessions will be a waste of time, if he thinks it's not him. Options???