ADHD marriage is a losing game

You believe you have been picked for a team of two, with potential for new team members to come on board. It is exciting and makes you very happy. You anticipate running down the field, passing the ball between you, dodging tackles, swerving rough patches, pushing through the pain barrier, side by side. You pass the ball, but instead of the ball being passed back in a steady rhythm, it is dropped. Every single time. So you go back and pick it up and try and pass it again with the same result. Very occasionally it is picked up. You cheer, you jump for joy, you think it is a happy new start. But then you are back to the same old thing - bewildered and trotting backwards through rough grass and potholes to pick up yet another dropped ball. For years and years, until you are staggering with exhaustion. I could not go on. Now I run alone, the ball safely cradled in my arms, the goal still a long way off. Not what I wanted at all.