ADHD in a non-ADHD world

Iv'e been doing research and lurking these forums for months. What better way to hear the unspoken truth about ADHD? The suffering of so many people makes the reality painfully obvious. There is no happy ending with ADHD. It's almost impossible for someone with ADHD to be successful, life is always a struggle, in almost everything. Basic living is hell. What kind of life is that, for anyone to live, or associate with? It isn't happy for anyone.
 If it isn't already obvious from my inability to write or manage expressing basic ideas, I have ADHD. I haven't even graduated but I know whats in store.
The only hope for someone like myself is to ensare the sensibilities of a neurotypical, and have them manage me, like a caretaker, so I can survive in this world. Someone to sacrifice their life to support a parasite, to needlessly suffer a terribly cruel burden in the name of blind love. Cruel in the burden of raising someone you love, someone you should have a healthy adult relationship with like a child, and the additional lack of support, and cruel in abuse suffered at the hands of the ADHDer, and watching their suffering. Watching the suffering of someone who you love, who hurts you, and who can only do their best. They try, but things dont change and thats all you can hope for.
Even if I experience the joy of finding someone willing to be with me, I'm faced with my limitations, the reality of my disorder.  Guilt over my inability to operate on the same level, and the pain I inflict on myself and others.
I can't hope to be a real man, equal in a relationship. I can't be the person I want to be, give back what I want to, and I hurt the person I love, which also hurts me.

I want to set my own boundaries, I want to be motivated, I want to know fact from fiction, I want integrity, I want to be a good person.
I am forced to watch myself fail life
Taking care of myself?