ADHD or Bipolar??? HELP!

My husband was diagnosed with ADHD about 2 years ago, he is 39. He has every symptom of it, but cannot seem to find the right meds plus counseling. Our marriage really takes a hit from it, but I have been reading the new book and it really helps- it is our exact marraige! He was very happy today because he had an appt with a great ADHD psychiatrist, but when he got there they said the psych was backed up and he saw a nurse practiioner that hasnt even graduated yet! He was so bummed and confused when he left because he said the guy didnt even listen and then told him he has bipolar NOT adhd, and gave him a prescription for a new antidepressent plus abilify. He has been to so many doctors and he's starting to feel hopeless. how can it be bipolar if he sounds just like the adhd spouse in the book (ADHD and the effect on a marriage)? He doesnt even know what to do now, and i feel bad for him because he is trying. What should we do now??? He does exhibit some bipolar symptoms like severe moodiness and hyperness, mood swings, but isnt that also adhd???

Thanks for any help you can offer...