ADHD or a Failing Marriage?

I feel that my husband, who has ADHD but not admit it affects my life, is so clever that he manages to turn everything around and back to me. This makes me feel so hopeless and I don't really know whether I should worry about it or just do what I have done for seven years, just let go! and forget about it until the next stormy day.

An Example, yesterday I try talking to him about how he can go to our family Dr and tell them to get a proper diagnose for his ADHD and that the only treatment for it wasnt just rythalin (which he is not prepared to take) that just talking to the Dr may open some other options of getting better with it. But then He claimed to feel and be better and that he's sure his ADHD is so mild it may not even be there. Easy for him to say as he doesn't have to live with him! Five minutes after the conversation he turned around and said: Well honey everyone have issues you have quite a lot of issues from the way you were brought up that affect our present all the time so you should get that looked at!

Now how am I suppose to take this seriously when he's never brought it up before, only bringing it up on our conversation about himself is just a way of turning it all around to me. I know I have communication issues to solve and that's why I have asked him several times over to try Therapy with me because he's the only person I can't communicate well with... He has every single time dismissed it, said that will never talk to a stranger, that it wasn't necessary. The thing is he manages to turn things around to me every time I have a problem with him or with something he's doing or not doing! I feel that there would not be room for improvement if he never accepts any of the problems I am facing everyday!

What troubles me the most is that he talks and talks and talks about any subject for long and I listen to him out of consideration and respect but when I need him to listen to me, to be there for me emotionally he just says he "can't take this anymore". So longterm I wont be able to be happy in a relationship that doesn't give me the basic emotional support that I need. I am so not sure of the future of this relationship and he says I will love you forever, I will never leave you, I will always be there for you and our son. I think Yeah just as long as I don't open my mouth to talk, I say maybe he just need a blow up doll! Bad joke sorry. Seriously I am running out of options!

Any comments, advice, ideas are all very welcome