ADHD or just lazy????? I need to vent!

I am constantly resentful at my husband because he seems just downright lazy!  This evening I went to the grocery store since we have a busy weekend ahead of us and I wanted to get a jump start ....  I arrive back home with a trunk full of groceries, it's dark, there is construction of the curbs in front of our home so there is some ditches and gravel to navigate.  I open the door, no one is around - kids are in bed, husband is in the basement - in his "man cave" - watching TV.  I start bringing in the groceries, expecting that any minute he will walk up the stairs and start helping me .. but no.....  By the time I bring in the last bag I am fuming.

I drive the car round back and park it in the garage.  I go downstairs - sure enough there he is lying on the couch, in a daze, watching TV.  I question him as to why he didn't come up to help me ...  he stutters .. uhhh..  I didn't ... but then trails off - I am pretty sure he was going to say that he didn't hear me and then decided that was a very lame excuse.  Why didn't you call me he says?  Really?  I have to ask you for help every single time?  You can't take it upon yourself to think -- gee.. my wife is home, after being at work all day she goes to the grocery store, it's dark .. maybe I should help .....  does it cross his mind and he dismisses it because he's just too damned lazy to get off that couch?  Or does he not think about helping .. I can't even begin to understand how a human being can be so self centered.

Thanks for listening.....