ADHD partner always blocks me and breaks up

We were in a relationship for 8 months; I know he loves me and I do love him to death. He told me at the beginning that he has ADHD, but i didn`t know much about it until today. The relationship has been milk and honey the first 3 months, then I felt a change and I started expressing it (now I see that I did it in a wrong way and he`s been taking it as a criticism). At every conflict he would break up with me, block me, not speaking to me for a few days, and it was me all the time the one that would initiate and try to get back together. Now, this is the 10th breakup where I`m being blocked from 5 days now, and I didn`t try to do anything. I am still waiting to see if he is gonna come back. He is a gaming addict and spends every night gaming, 6 to 8 hours a night. He has caused me to feel unwanted, unloved, rejected and he`s getting very rude and verbally aggressive when angry. The past 4 months we have been fighting and breaking up every week over anything, it`s been unbearable. I have been trying to discuss with him calmly and tell him how I feel, but he always keeps saying that he loves me, the next day nothing changes for good, it is the same routine that was causing frustration until then. Any misunderstanding we have, he is breaking up and if not, he is saying he doesn`t care or applying silent treatment. How do I get him to talk now and have a heart to heart conversation on what we need to change considering that now I have an idea about ADHD - but we both need to live with it and cope.