ADHD partner blames me always

Hello my boyfriend A recently broke up with me and i was with him for 2 years we had a normal happy fun loving relationship when he was happy until he got in a mood,mad,stressed,piss,frustrated then it all went out the window.  He constantly reminds me of my past all my wrong doings but this was before him . in the beginning  i made mistakes but apologized and never repeated them again straightened up my act did a 180 :) .mr A holds everything over my head if i lied, if i hurt him, if i disappointed him, and he has cheated on me 2x , belittled me, cursed at me in front of his 13 year old boy who is thee best boy ever, he throws shade at me all the time i never ever bring up his past, or hold things above his head i keep on moving forward and forgive no ones perfect.he says its ADHD he cant control his mind and thoughts he overthinks,  i dont care what he did before me and even forgave him during our relationship when he cheated yet he  is so hard on me . When he 1st mentioned he had ADHD i thought no problem its okay it means hell be hyper and active no biggy heck no oh my goodness it means exactly what he told me very hard,  he doesnt medicate him self and i dont know if he is very knowledgeable on his own illness. i walk on egg shells around him , i cant get too loud or angry or express myself hell react and somehow blame me for over reacting or im crazy. i cant talk too much or we don't communicate about our issues hell get overwhelmed and cant be there to support me, i cook, i clean, i take good care of the household and myself and him ,his son too, he stresses out easily, he gets all depressed and throws a pity party for himself which then i have to talk him out of it, i cant ever mess up around him or he makes fun of me and call me names,  says i cant hold a conversation , hes bored of me, he doesn't trust me but he doesn't trust anyone his own mother hes very skeptical were all out to get him  sad. i still love him he has hurt me for no reason at all it sucks so bad he speaks ill of me when im the only one who has tolerated him and been here for him but nope hes cold and only gives 1 chance so in the beginning he says i lied and it changed his whole view on me and made things different. this guy thinks hes perfect  you cant call him out on anything he don't care he just says hes been mentally ill for 37 years  why do i think i can change him? hes been married 1x and that was bad he did the same to her and hes been alone for 10years here i come to help and love him he disrespects me , doesn't take meds for his sickness. its frustrating as heck he writes me off like no remorse and believes im wrong i messed it up .it frustrates me because i think a normal person wouldn't do this or say this or have this outcome .... i get so mad very frustrated im alone , i am broken and disturbed by all his hurtful words he turned his back on me. he is a 37 year old man acting ungrateful. I haven't seen him in 3 weeks he broke up with me randomly on valentines day ... we went to dinner me,him,the son i knew don't get excited he is not that guy its ADHD its going to end bad prepare myself i did i spoke up, threw some things out there called him out but still he came back with oh you lied 1x blah blah... hes right i am wrong,  im evil i am a trader according to him, no sense in going back and forth so i stop we talked nothing got solved or better hes a brick wall stone cold. he cursed at me called me names, and all over because i joked around i wasn't paying for the bill i was i said i would and im good for my word i paid it. he still was cursing at me and that is how i left sad huh ? i never dealt with this in my life it is very hard i was willing to marry him , still try to work things out with him for the  millionth time. He has made me sleep on the floor he was mad at me, he straight out tells me things , i cant cough too loud or he gets annoyed, he ruins our outings he can flip in a minute over the way i speak or my tone or his son anything hell find ways to blame us its never him. it hurts my very soul i tried my best i read the bible to him ,pray over him,love and respect him, he spits on me everytime never fails . he only has apologized to me 3 or 5xs in 2 years. he has a temper he can be cool and happy funny nice sweet he is totally a lovey dovey i like it when hes like that but when that switch flips its hard he dont call/text for 3-5 days punishment . when we do make up he dont talk about it. i love him and dam this ADHD im still praying for him but i dont want to be disrespected like this anymore, im alone i have to put him and his needs before mine, i like to help him make him smile but what about me ? im tired emotionally,mentally he dont change and i cant see why im bothering anymore