Adhd partner broke up with non-adhd me…what does that say about me?

This is just bizarro world. We've been together for 5 years. Been through many sessions of couples therapy and have made a lot of progress, and lately it's been all success stories. We had been really happy lately. An old conversation/issue escalated in the last week - and I will admit that the peak of the escalation was my fault - but that was it for him. With all the compromises and accommodations I've made in our relationship for rsd, negative adhd behaviors, all the disrespectful mistakes made in the name of adhd, all the room I've left for being imperfect and still lovable. I've made two mistakes in the last 5 years, one recently, and he has made at least two dozen extremely hurtful ones in that time, and the compassion and forgiveness I get is basically nothing. It was like a light switch. We were doing really well, made so much progress, and an unresolved issue came up, and now it's my fault for addressing it. I didn't address it in the way I should have, I admit that. But it's like I'm expected to be perfect in this partnership, give everything, and also expected to give him all the forgiveness in the world for his behavior. There has been no reaching across the table and loving me through hard times. I don't understand. I'm very confused. I've tried so hard for him and would continue to fight for our relationship if he was willing. But he says it's too much effort to be mindful in the relationship and he'll never be the partner I'm looking for. Despite the adhd complications in our relationship, he is such a beautiful person and I've loved him more than I've loved anyone else in my life. I feel so unloved and unwanted and rejected - and also so unappreciated for everything I've given and sacrificed through our relationship. One day I'm sure I will realize this is for the better. But at the moment, I'm just so hurt. I feel like he doesn't even care.