ADHD plus depression/anxiety

A few years ago my husband was diagnosed with ADHD. He wwent on Straterra, but had little success. Recently, he has been having some major anxiety about work. He is behind and has lots of backlog, but so anxious about it that it makes it hard to accomplish much. I am also seeing what I think are some depression signs (sleepy, tells me that he feels life his life sucks all of the time even though logically he knows it doesn't). We went to a psych a few weeks ago who felt like the ADHD was causing the backlog at work, so prescribed Adderall 2xs a day (20 mg) The first couple of days, it worked well. But, because it wears off and you can't take it too late in the day, the anxiety is still there in the evenings. After a few days, he said he wasn't sure if it made a difference or not (I realize that it could be too low of a dose and that meds take a lot of tweaking) He says he is not happy doing anything (laying in bed, doing activities...nothing) and is tired and grumpy all the time, We go back to the dr. this week, but I just wondered if anyone takes ADHD meds plus an antidepressant/antianxiety? DH doesn't hold a lot of hope that anyone can help him. I just feel awful for him and really hope we can find something sooner rather than later.