ADHD Poetry

I tried posting this poem I wrote before, but it came out in a funky format.  I was able to get it in the forum in the proper form.  I am newly diagnosed with ADHD and have had it my whole life.  I figured out I had it through all the trouble I have had in my marriage.   It really has been a crazy journey learning about ADHD and it's affects.  I am not a poet but this poem came into my head while  I was stuck in traffic.  Not sure why it came out of me, so I figured I would share.  I am typically poor at communicating my feelings to my wife about everything.  When I was able to read this to her it really gave her an idea of how having ADHD was making me feel.  She saw that I had feelings, and it helped her understand where I was at.


I look in the mirror and what do I see, but 35 year old man who has ADHD
Looking back things now it all makes sense
As a kid I wasn't slow, stupid or dense
School was something I always had to work hard at
Listening to things that bored me while fidgeting this way and that
I was charismatic and charming and had lots of friends
I was crazy and funny willing to make you laugh till no end
I guess I coped with this problem not knowing in me was this problem to deal with called ADHD
As a young adult I hung out with crazy friends
We did insane things that made us wonder how we lived in the end
I realize now that it was me just coping for my ADHD
Just trying to find a rush that could satisfy me
But through all these years and the dumb things I have done
I was blind to fact that I had an issue all my own
I am 35 now married with a family I love and cherish
It took me seven years of hurting to become aware of this
I have the problem it is in me
It's a threat to destroy my family this damn ADHD
Now that I know I feel relieved and scared
I have to face my issue and take away my wife's burden and bear
I promise to do my best to fix all of these issues
It is too late to take away all my wife's pain, tears and tissues
I will start this road to recovery and do all I can
To conquer this problem that has formed who I am
Some bad, some good have come to be
This person I am the ADHD me

Great poem

 A lot of soul searching and insight is in this poem. Thank you for sharing it here. I'm copying it for my husband, and hope he will read it, but sad to say, he gets very angry when I show him articles, books, and items on ADHD. He doesn't want to hear it from me, and says, "You're not an expert", even though I have been his wife for 28 years now. He is trying to be better about things, and I sincerely applaud his efforts, I just wish he would keep on learning about ADHD and what it does to relationships. Anyway, thank you for letting us see this.

Happy to Share

I am glad someone got the chance to read it. It has to be tough to be in your shoes and it's great that you are supportive of your husband. I know I have had this my whole life and I am just now realizing at age 35. I love my family life and don't want this ADHD to get in the way. I have been searching for answers since I found out about this. This poem honestly came out of nowhere for me. I am not a poet but it was just in me, so I know I wrote it for a reason. I hope your husband will read it and relate.