My husband is diagnosed with ADHD. I do not have it. I would very much appreciate advice on this: 

my husband is large, tall and very loud person, I'm the opposite-petite , skinny and very quiet( naturally). English is his language and I'm not a native speaker and putting sentences together under huge stress is very hard. When we have a disagreement/ conflict he completely dominates it for the reasons above. Every one of those I enter with a problem to solve and leave with 100 new problems, and emotionally in rags myself, with the feeling that there's no way to be heard, no way to be able to be open and honest. So I silence myself and it all is collecting inside and the I cry it out daily. That is horrible but so far I didn't find a better way to cope. Did anybody? 
also, last time we talked, he picked the sentence ( pretty trivial one) I said, removed some words, added new ones , switched the word order and claimed that by saying that  I'm being rude and purposely offending him. He was roaring at me like a wild beast, at the top if his lungs ( remember, he's already large and loud ) . Basically, he twisted my words to create reasons to be offended and rage at me.:( I was terrified to death , I mean I basically died on some level then.  
I just do not know what to do. It wiped out all trust and safety feeling in me. He acts like nothing happened and I'm just crazy depressed woman:(:(:(