ADHD r/ship

hi i am new to this website and it is such a great website and very helpful!!

I have been dating my boyfriend (with ADHD) for 2 years and he is definitely the most caring, lovely, sweet and adorable person i have ever met in my life. He has worked (before we even met) on his ADHD and has a great job, succeeded or striving to achieve many of his life goals, historically gotten disproportionately angry but not often since i have been with him. Most people who are close to me and him get the relationship 100% (not that they neccessarily need to). As i have been researching ADHD i have learnt people with ADHD do communicate differently and see the world differently which can be a positive and a negative thing which makes great sense to me... just like there are positives and negatives with many other facets of other people as well. Communication and perceiving the world differently is not a massive issue for that as we always talk if there is confusion, or if one of us doesnt understand what the other is trying to say. I am not saying there has been no hard times but we talk a lot and I love him and accept him as he does to me to. The one thing that makes me sad sometimes is that some people (few but still some) in my life doesnt fully understand him... they think he is lovely but i feel they do not fully grasp him as a person.. maybe they dont understand ADHD i am not sure. So they perceive him as possibly distant or detached and have told me to make the right decisions for myself, taking into account they are not in my relationship that they dont really know the correct thing. I am totally happy, we as a team research ADHD if we feel its a barrier in our relationship and have made steps to make sure it doesnt become a parent-child dynamic (as we have observed that could really easily happen)... i was just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience where others can percieve your relationship as possibly 'odd' or dont fully grasp your relationship and if this is normal