ADHD Symptoms / Adults who grew up with an Alcoholic parent


I wanted to throw out some thoughts I had about all this info we see about adhd and it's effects on adults / relationships, life and work.  Has anyone on this site made the connection between Alcoholism /  the hereditary nature of Alcohol abuse and adhd and the complex woven fabric of family upbringing and current behavior of ADHD individuals that might be more related to the actual effects of parental alcoholism than the adhd disorder itself?  That might have been confusing, so let me break it down.

We all know that there is a connection to substance abuse/alcoholism tendencies in individuals with adhd. 

We all know that alcoholism is something that tends to run in families/genetics.

We all have our lists of symptoms and effects of ADHD on work, relationships, self-esteem, life, so on.....

I question if people are as aware that growing up in a home where a parent was an alcoholic/abusive ALSO has it's set up long-term symptoms/complications.

My question for people with ADHD and their spouses:

Have those with ADHD who were brought up in a household where a parent had an addiction and/or was abusive, aware that just that factor itself may be a large contributing and underlying problem with responsibility/self-esteem/relationships, life?     As if ADHD itself isn't complicated enough... I wonder if those who have this kind of history (and I'm guessing that there may be a lot of them since there is this connection between substance abuse/alcoholism and adhd and genetics) know there are likely other factors that are contributing to the problems/treatment (are we quick to blame it all on the adhd when the problems could be as a result of growing up in a dysfunctional family?) .   

I bring this up because I have been dealing with an adhd spouse for 12 years now... have had very little success in any progress with his disorder - then I had a "aha" moment when I began to factor in that his Dad was an alcoholic... possibly abusive.    When I began reading some articles online about growing up in a home with an alcoholic parent, I all of a sudden realized that my spouse closely fit some of what the site noted as the long-term complications of that and also that many of the symptoms cross-check with adhd symptoms.     There is this and many other articles available on the topic.      When people come to the site asking for help with their adhd or their adhd spouses... should one of the things we ask if the person grew up in a home with an alcoholic/abusive parent/  While this is incredibly personal a question... it seems to me that it is highly relevant and integral to being able to help someone if left out.     I'm highly hoping Melissa could comment on this one...  I think this could possibly really help a lot of people.